What can a story do for you?

Folktellers Studios are experts in transmedia storytelling, helping entertainment franchises and corporate clients design, craft, and communicate compelling narratives. With Story Activate™, the Folktellers Studios process brings a holistic approach to creating engaging stories, taking into account all aspects of the narrative, including historical context, facts & figures, multimedia elements, and audience engagement.

Whether you are thinking about your external brand or internal culture, Folktellers Studios is fostering transformation change through storytelling. The following provides a brief outline of Folktellers Studio’s service offering surrounding their patented three-phase process of story activation.

Story Activate™

Story Activate™ is a patent-pending process developed by Folktellers Studios to help entertainment franchises and corporate clients develop and execute a purposeful storytelling strategy that can inspire audiences, increase engagement, and shape culture. By combining the worlds of entertainment, education, and technology, Story Activate™ crafts powerful stories that transform business.

Story Activate™ takes place in three phases:

Phase l: StoryBoard

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Through targeted research and analysis, we work with you to tap into the unique attributes of your business, designing a strategic story blueprint that will optimize your brand and engage your audiences, culminating in a comprehensive storyboard.

Phase ll: StoryCraft

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Once the storyboard is complete, we will work with you to craft and produce your story using a proprietary model, ensuring that you have the right stories for the right audience, right when you need them. During Phase II of the Story Activate™ process, we explore compelling formats, interactive elements, and powerful multimedia to bring the story to life. In this creative phase, Folktellers Studios identifies transmedia story solutions that reflect your brand essence, as well as your internal vision, mission and core values.

Phase lll: StoryTell

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Using Intensify Digital, we launch transmedia storytelling campaigns, that create deep immersive experiences for your audiences. Our team of experts are available to provide ongoing review and optimization of the campaign, ensuring our clients see results from the Story Activate™ process.

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