About Us

At Folktellers Studios, we believe that a story, well told, can change the world.

Made up of experts and artisans from film, music, television, gaming, literature, and digital media, our team crafts immersive tales of magic and wonder, encouraging audiences to engage with us on a deeper, more experiential level.

Whether we are resurrecting old tales and legends through our own Cryptofolk platform, or helping others bring their own stories to life, you will always find something strangely familiar, yet uniquely different about everything we do.

We are daring, diverse, and inclusive, tapping into the past, while propelling into the future with fun and excitement for all ages.

Ultimately, we find that everyone has an important story to tell, and we’re the ones who help them craft these compelling narratives.

As a full production studio, we take a transmedia approach to move a story from early creative concepts into full design and development. With a collaborative spirit, our team partners with other entertainment experts to ensure that whatever we create is brought to the world with the greatest impact and interest.

We do all this because at the end of the day, we know it’s not just storytelling, it’s story living.

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